Louisa May Alcott. A Souvenir

Louisa May Alcott. A Souvenir
Autore: Lurabel Harlow
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From 1888, a short biography of Louisa May Alcott.

When in 1888 Louisa May Alcott died, Lurabel Harlow wanted to pay tribute with a book. This souvenir traces the life of the author of Little Women bringing out the portrait of an intelligent, tireless and very generous woman. Despite having no precise information on Miss Harlow, some passages suggest that the two had known each other personally, so that Alcott is described in the appearance and the manner of speaking. With this work, which also contains some of the images of the original edition, we would like to pay tribute and to enrich the knowledge of a writer who, in time, has entered the hearts of many readers.

Collana: Grandfather Clock

Volume: 1

Formati: EPUB +MOBI

Anno: 2016 (1888)

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