Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining. Life and Works of Jean Webster

Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining. Life and Works of Jean Webster

On July 24, 1876, Alice Jane Chandler Webster, eldest daughter of Charles Luther Webster and Annie Moffett, the great-grandniece of the American writer Mark Twain, was born in Fredonia into a family of writers and feminists. Known by the name she chose for herself in school, Jean Webster is the author of "Daddy-Long-Legs", the famous novel that tells the story of Judy Abbott, an orphan who is allowed to study thanks to the generosity of an anonymous benefactor impressed by her talent in writing. With an elegant and detailed prose, Sara Staffolani leads us to discover the life of this extraordinary writer, who passionately marched in favor of the rights and education of women and the weakest, who hoped and believed in a better future and which deserves to be rediscovered in the brilliant ensemble of her experiences, her thought and her complete literary production.

Collana: Grandfather Clock, Silver Series

Volume: 2

Translation by Irene Standley and Michela Alessandroni

ISBN: 978-88-85628-85-4

Book price: 15.00 €

Ebook price: 2.69 €

Year: 2021

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Sara Staffolani has a degree in History and Memory of European Cultures. She lives in the Marche hills, in the province of Ancona (Italy). An avid reader since childhood, especially of classics and poems, she has a great passion for the Brontë sisters and Emily Dickinson. She loves animals, nature and domestic quiet. Since 2017, she has been managing a literary-poetic blog, Dalla mia finestra (“From my window”), dedicated to her favorite nineteenth-century authors.

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